Record Guidelines

To all golfers taking part in the World Record Golf Event...

This webpage is intended to tell you how we are aiming to achieve our goal on Sunday June 22nd and what we need you to do on that day to make it all happen.

What we're trying to achieve...

On Sunday June 22nd we will be attempting to beat a current World Record. The current record for "most golfers on a golf course in 24 hours" is set at 623 in the "walking" category. This was achieved in China in 2007. Their attempt broke the previous record (491), set at St Andrews Bay, Scotland in 2003.

Why we're doing it...

We're doing this to raise as much as we can to help Rotary complete their campaign to eliminate polio.

What can you do?

Sign up to play a round of golf on that day and commit to raise at least £50 – it's as easy as that. If you want to bring along a team to take part, please do. While we hope you can raise at least £50, we're hoping that you can raise more. Fund-raising ideas will be posted on the website in due course.

How to get there...

1. Dundonald Links is situated near Troon in Ayrshire, just 30 minutes from Glasgow International Airport and 5 minutes from Prestwick Airport.

2. From Glasgow, take the M77 south towards Kilmarnock/Ayr. At the Dutchhouse Roundabout, follow signs for the A78 Irvine. Head north on the A78 towards Irvine for 5 miles and at the next roundabout take the second exit on the left. The entrance to Dundonald Links is half a mile along on the left hand side.

3. From Prestwick Airport, take the A78 towards Irvine and after 5 miles on this road at the first roundabout take the second exit on the left. The entrance to Dundonald Links is half a mile along on the left hand side.

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Address: Dundonald Links, Ayr Road, Gailes, Ayrshire. KA11 5BF

How we’re going to do it…The important bit for the day.

On the day, there will be a WRG team of helpers and organisers who are there to make the day run smoothly and help you complete your round of golf as your contribution for the record.

When you enter the Dundonald course, you will be directed to the main car park. Once you’ve got your kit sorted out it can be left at the tent behind the first tee.


Registration and card recording will be done in a tent that will sit in front of the clubhouse. Once you have arrived, please proceed to the Registration Area where we can sign you in.

It would be very helpful if you cleared the registration area quickly to enable others to get registered as we are expecting a stream of people all day.

Sponsorship Money & Golf Shirts

Once registered, you will be able to deposit all the money you have raised with Rotary volunteers in the Registration tent. Those of you have ordered event shirts can pick them up from the Registration tent.

Please bring all the sponsorship money and forms in an envelope, clearly marked with the name of the lead golfer and the tee-time. This will enable us to process it quicker. Sponsorship can also be paid by credit/switch card or cheque.

There are changing facilities within the clubhouse. There will also be some tents outside the clubhouse should an overspill area be required.

NB. We need you at the 1st tee 20 mins before your tee time - There will be volunteers around to help you get to the tee in plenty of time.

1st Tee

At the first tee, you’ll be given your freebies (balls/bottle of water) and a briefing from a member of the WRG team about how best to complete your round quickly. The most important thing is keeping a steady pace of play. They will also remind you that you must complete a card and once more we will tell you that your score is not important!!!!!

Point to remember: slow play is caused by a group ahead of you ignoring the fact that quicker players are behind. That is not the case in this event because everyone KNOWS that they have to keep a steady pace.

Things to consider for your round...

  • You don’t have to play a driver off the tee. Think about the “need for speed”, not waiting about just so you can hit it 300 yards.
  • Consider only taking a half-set of clubs out with you. Some golfers have already said they will play it as a 5-club challenge.
  • Do NOT bother with honour on the tee, or on the green.
  • The fairways will be marked with yardages, including a black marker set at 200 yards from each tee; these are to help you work out what club you can safely hit without hitting into the group ahead.
  • If you are more than 100 yards from the green and the group ahead are putting out, just lay up. By the time you get to your ball, they will have cleared the green.
  • On the green, don’t check the line for a 50-foot putt. Just get it nearer, then in, the hole.
  • Once you have putted out, move straight to the next tee; don’t clog the green while others in your group putt out.
  • The format you are playing is medal stroke-play; keep a note of your score, THERE MUST BE NO N/R’s on your card. You must putt out on each hole, even if it is for a 12 (or worse ;-).
  • If you ignore some of the obvious things like honour on the tee, honour on the green, lining up putts, practice swings & are always ready to play your shot, it is very achievable. Please remember that player safety is paramount.

Each hole on Dundonald has 4 tees, only one of which will be marked on the day. Holes with the prevailing wind will use the back tees, those into the wind will use front tees. Our only guideline on the course is that it must be at least 6000 yards. How we set it up is up to us. Please note that ALL players (ladies/gents/juniors) will play from the same tees.

WRG/Rotary people will be out on the course to help with any bottlenecks, or any other issues that may arise.

18th Green


This is the proof for GWR that you have completed a round of golf. Therefore, once you have completed your round, staff at the 18th will take you straight to the recording area where all the cards must be signed by the players and markers. Once the recorder is satisfied he will then sign your registration form. Once that has been done, an independent witness will also sign the form. GWR will then accept the scorecards as being proof that 4 rounds have been completed. The World Record ticker can then move on by 4.


You’ve done your bit for the world record attempt, raised some money for Rotary – now it’s time to enjoy your part in a unique achievement!!!

Official Guinness World Record Guidelines


The following act as a guide to the specific considerations and undertakings, in addition to the general requirements, for any potential attempt on the most rounds played in 24 hours. They should be read and understood by all concerned – organisers, participants and witnesses – prior to the event.


This record is for the greatest number of rounds of golf played in 24 hours by different golfers on a single course. There are two separate categories, with and without the use of carts.

4. 24 hours means 24 hours, including rest breaks. For example, if the event starts at 12 noon on Monday, it must finish at 12 noon on Tuesday, the next day.

5. The length of the 18 holes must be in excess of 6,000 yards.

6. Permission from the owner(s) of the course for the event to take place on their premises must be obtained in writing. A copy of this permission, on the club’s letterhead, should be submitted with the record claim.

7. The rules of the golf according to the Royal & Ancient Golf Club should be followed throughout the event. The challengers should play the entire course in order and not miss or repeat holes.

8. Each player must play their own ball and hole out on each hole.

9. The ball must be at rest before the next stroke is made and played from its lie, unless a drop is allowed as per the rules of golf.

10. If a ball is hit into the rough/woodland/bushes, a provisional ball, as per the rules of golf, may be played.

11. The event is continuous. Rest breaks may be taken at any time during the attempt but the clock does not stop.

12. Each players card must be marked by a fellow player in their group. The card must be signed by the marker and the player and presented to the recorder at the completion of the round. A completed card, with scores, signed by the marker and the player will constitute that one round has been completed.

13. A log book should be maintained throughout the attempt.

The guidelines and interpretation of them have been discussed by the organisers, GWR and the R&A and accepted by all.

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